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  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted NonsuchHSG 图书馆 - 27th Feb 2023
    "This book is the story of one family across a few centuries. I had to go back to the family tree at the front of the book to keep track of the many family members. Reading this, I reflected on my own ancestry and how the decisions I make will affect the people that follow me."
  • @NonsuchHSG - 27th Feb 2023
    Nonsuch Book Week has started! Teachers have been sharing their favourite book with students in our photo competition. We'll be sharing these photos on 推特 across the week in celebration of our book week and for
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted Jen Smith - 21st Feb 2023
    Brilliant keynote from Professor Fareda Banda. The human right to an education. Stubbornness is a good thing.
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted Jen Smith - 21st Feb 2023
  • @NonsuchHSG - 9th Feb 2023
    Do enter this school competition! Closing date is Tuesday 21st February.
  • @NonsuchHSG - 7th Feb 2023
    Do take a look at these videos which have been produced for
  • NonsuchHSG Retweeted NonsuchHSG 图书馆 - 7th Feb 2023
    Blind Date with a Book has been so popular in the library in February we have had to restock it several times already. Our book club members and student librarians have loved selecting their favourite books and wrapping them for others to take a chance on a new book!
  • @NonsuchHSG - 7th Feb 2023
    Stuck for something to do this half term? Then why not enter the Nonsuch Great Bookish Bake-Off? Earn House Points, have fun making and baking your creation, take a photo of it and upload to Sharepoint - and then enjoy eating it!
  • @NonsuchHSG - 7th Feb 2023
    The Nonsuch Short Story House Contest is now open. Closing date is Friday, March 31st. We are really looking forward to reading your work!
  • @NonsuchHSG - 7th Feb 2023
    House MasterChef recently was a resounding success - well done to all the students who entered. Congratulations to the seven students - one from each House - who will compete next month to see who will be crowned the Nonsuch MasterChef 2023.
  • @NonsuchHSG - 6th Feb 2023
    Very proud of all our students who entered the competition!

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